Mark Bittman has a great new idea for his blog:

Welcome to the Great Slog Forward

What's a "slog?" It's something totally new—a combination salon and blog, a community table where people gather to share ideas, opinions, experiences, and news about food. I'm hoping this will be an exciting online destination, and I can guarantee that both contributors and topics will be diverse, experienced (and not), curious, opinionated, and often controversial.

Mark Bittman, I love your cookbook, but come on: "Slog" is clearly ours. Obviously. Nobody in the history of the world has ever named a blog Slog until The Stranger named a blog Slog. For shame, sir. We await your apology; we promise to be gracious.

(Thanks to Slog—ORIGINAL Slog—tipper Tom, and to Brian for his assistance on this post.)