A woman who thought she already was an ex-Mormon blogs about her efforts to officially leave the church.

Just after my 18th birthday, five hundred miles away from home, I received my first post-Utah, LDS-visitor. The young men asked for me by name, then politely introduced themselves to me. They noted that I hadn't attended church for a while, and wondered if I had any questions for them. I explained that I was no longer a practicing Mormon. They were taken aback, but remained nice as can be and eventually left.

Weird, I thought while laughing. I wonder how they found me...

But then, less than six months later, I received more LDS visitors. Again, they asked for me by name, again they introduced themselves, and again they noted that I hadn't attended church for a while. I said that I was not a practicing Mormon, and they left.

Years went by. I moved to different cities, got married, got divorced, moved again...

And they always found me. Within 2-3 months of moving to a new place, the Mormons would show up at my door.... With each visit, I always explained (while matching their politeness with my own), "I'm no longer a Mormon. I'm never going back to church. Sorry."

Then one night, I was visited by an evil being. Okay, she wasn't really evil. But she was certainly grumpy. It was the visiting teacher for my new neighborhood. Here we go again, I thought. I opened the door and politely gave my I'm-not-a-Mormon spiel.

"Yes, you are," she replied.

"Excuse me?"

"You were baptized, so you are still a Mormon."

"I'm not a Mormon if I stop practicing."

"You are in our records as being a member of the LDS church."

"That's ridiculous."

"Like it or not, you can't just quit."

There are just two posts so far. Hopefully updates are coming soon. The blog is here.