...before you you signed that outrageous, racist, unconstitutional bill into law?

A spreading call for an economic boycott of Arizona after its adoption of a tough immigration law that opponents consider racially discriminatory worried business leaders on Monday and angered the governor.... Gov. Jan Brewer, a Republican, signed the bill on Friday, calling it an important step toward public safety that would help control immigration and give the police a tool to root out criminals. She criticized opponents for not offering more solutions to problems related to illegal immigration and called the idea of a boycott “disappointing and unfortunate” at a time when the state is reeling from the recession and suffering from border-related crime that “continues to harm our economy and stifle trade.”

It's a little late to go asking folks for "solutions" now that the law is signed, Gov. Brewer. And while it is sad that Arizona is still reeling from the recession and all, no one is obligated to spend money in your hot little shithole of a state.