Today's SLLOTD is after the jump. Just the letter, no advice. I have nothing to say to this person. Maybe there's a Slogger or two out there willing to unpack YUM's particular issues. And before anyone can scream "FAKE!", let me just say: I'm not vouching for the letter—it could be real, it could be total shit—but it's definitely the craziest letter that came in today. Normally I would feel obligated to squeeze out a response. But I'm afraid that entertaining YUM's question would seriously interfere with my ability to enjoy the mini-cupcake that's sitting on my desk right now.

I hope you can give me a little insight and advice. I am a straight 43 year old male. I have a desire to shit into mouths of tied up feminine (gay ?) guys. I don't have any desire for any other contact. I have no desire for any sucking or fucking, just shitting in their mouths, I have no idea how to go about acting out on this and I'm not sure I would put the energy into actually doing it if I could. I only have the desire to fuck women not shit in their mouths. I find scat porn really disgusting. Do I need therapy? Am I a weirdo closet case? Would Craigslist help? Any insight would be appreciated.

You Understand Men