Speaking of a bowl of spaghetti, Joe Szilagyi in comments over here reminded us all of the existence of thisiswhyyourefat.com, where currently you may find this depraved image:

The Prom, playing May 31st-June 19th at The 5th Avenue Theatre
The Prom is a musical comedy about big Broadway stars on a mission to change the world.

  • thisiswhyyourefat.com
  • WHAT IS IT???

It is said to be:

Spaghetti and Meatball Cake: Chocolate cake covered in spaghetti icing, with Ferrero Roche meatballs smothered with raspberry sauce. (submitted by Jordan Fallow)

But it looks like a crazy cartoon haystack volcano! Or horribly alluring poisonberries being birthed by a flaccid anemone*! Or something?

This is why you're fat?! It is clearly not even food. (Except maybe the berries, but they are POISON.)

*Which, my entire life until this moment, I thought was "anenome."

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