Seattle Center Master Plan Designers to Evaluate Chihuly Museum and Other Public Proposals


Whose family, Cienna, not who's.

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Last night the King County Democrats passed overwhelmingly a resolution against the Chihulhy Exhibit, based on other resolutions from various Seattle Legislative Districts.

Nobody wants this "museum". Build it on private land.
Boycott the Space Needle. The message is simple – no loss of planned open space at Seattle Center.

The RFP presents a fake problem - that the only possible options are those that "fully fund, implement and operate the proposal". Seattle has repeatedly supported parks funding at the ballot box. We need to focus on the long term and not panic due to the recession.
I fully agree with Bagshaw, we need to continue with the plan for open space at Seattle Center. That's what the public overwhelming supported in all the public input that was given during the Century 21 planning for the Seattle Center overhaul. In addition, taking away the Fun Forest doesn't sting as much if they replace the current children's activity that is very affordable and sometimes free (if you just walk through the arcade and try out the games without quarters, as toddlers and young kids like to do) with a playspace that is free and open to the general public at all times. I would be eternally disappointed with this entire process if an area of Seattle Center that is currently focused on kids and families is replaced with a paid admission museum aimed at adult tourists. An inspiring playspace for families, kids, and adults would be just the ticket.
A group of civic leaders is being assembled to submit a response to the Seattle Center RFP to be free public green space at Seattle Center rather than the proposed Chihuly private commercial exhibit. We urge you to sign the following petition by June 3, 11:55 p.m. to add your voice of support to this effort: