Here's one from the great nearby:

A 43-year-old former youth pastor at Calvary Chapel church in Longview has admitted to having sex repeatedly with a teenage girl between 2008 and last month, according to court documents filed by Kelso police. Michael Louis Anthony reported himself to Kelso police April 13 and was booked into jail Friday.... Police said Anthony, who is married and has two children, served as the girl's "spiritual teacher, counselor and confidant." The girl, who was 15 when the sex began, and Anthony told police they had sex too many times to count and that they did so in churches, Anthony's Kelso home, Gerhart Gardens Park and other places.

Anthony wasn't a "former" youth pastor at the time he was counseling, mentoring, and screwing the living shit out of that 15-year-old—and the story is worth clicking through to and reading in full for details like this one:

During a routine patrol, Longview police officer Ken Hardy found Anthony and the girl inside a van parked at Gerhart Gardens on Feb. 25, the police report said. Anthony's shirt was off and the girl's shirt was "half way up," but Hardy "could not determine (whether) a crime occurred," the report said. The girl told Hardy that Anthony was her youth pastor, the police report said.

When asked for a quote the pastor of Calvary Chapel would only say that Anthony, "hasn't been to our church in, like, seven months," so, you know, nothing to see here.

Now once more: between creepy youth pastors and rapey Catholic priests... people take their young children to church exactly why?