He's cute!


Well, he is in the picture on the left. I mean, if you like that sort of long-haired, skinny-assed twink thing. And if you like armpits. Ahem. More details at JoeMyGod, who asks...

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Dr. Rekers, how much DOES it cost for ten days with a barely legal, hairless, blond, hung, uncut, bisexual Puerto Rican twink who is happy to spank you and shove it up your gelatinous vile bigoted ass?

A couple of followup questions for Dr. Reker: Surely tipping skycaps and bellhops, to say nothing of relying on the kindness of airline stewards, would have been cheaper than taking your very own gay escort to Europe for 10 days to lift your luggage. Did that not occur to you? And as gay men are overrepresented in the hospitality industry and at the airlines—lots of gay bellhops and airline stewards out there (hey, Justin!)—you wouldn't have had to go ten whole days without lecturing a gay man about "the desirability of abandoning homosexual intercourse" if you didn't bring along your very own gay escort. Did that not occur to you?

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