As you've likely heard/seen, the most recent episode of The Simpsons rejected the classic opening segment in favor of a group lib dub of the sort popularized by the students of the University of Quebec and Shorewood High School. Here it is.

The above video is stupid for a million reasons, and here's the main one: The point of a group lip dub is for a bunch of people in the three-dimensional world to execute a feat with the precision of, say, an animated cartoon. Clearly the Simpsons folks wanted to insert themselves into a hot 21st-century trend, but expecting anyone to be impressed by animated characters executing a group lip dub is stupid.

What's next? A Simpsons flash mob, where everyone in Springfield shows up in the same place? Oh wait, that happens every episode because IT'S A FUCKING CARTOON.

This whole Simpsons/Ke$ha collab smacks of jumping the shark, raping the shark's corpse, and feasting on the tattered remains. (Ke$ha's "Tik Tok", however, remains a classic for the ages.)