But WTF re: Milton Bradley.

I've been remiss in my Sports Slogging, due to the demands of, you know, the paying job. Papers to grade, classes to prep for, research to conduct, advisees to advise. I didn't even know that Milton had walked out of Tuesday's Mariners-Rays game until a bartender at Bruno's tipped me off.

Man. Glad to see that the Mariners plan to be supportive of whatever is up with Milton. Just heard the broadcasters on tonight's game asking whether this was "the last straw." Well, that always depends on what you're drinking: if it's the Kool-Aid or the Reality Drink.

Perspectives on this:

The Times

It's one thing to throw a batting helmet, or equipment after striking out. All players do it. This sport is enormously frustrating for even the best players in the game.

But it's another thing entirely to pack up your belongings and walk out on your team while a game is still in progress. That's a kind of anxiety, of pressure, that most players in the game do not succumb to.

Since spring training, I have heard a lot of players say good things about Bradley. About how he cares so much about this team and finding a place here in Seattle that he's gone overboard in putting pressure on himself to make it here. Just last week, he told reporters in Chicago: "God bless Seattle.''

Never have I heard him described as selfish. I've heard words like "He's such a good kid, he tries so hard, if only...''

If only.

Last night, the words would be "If only he could cope to the point where he didn't walk out on us in the middle of a 3-1 game.''

But he couldn't cope. He did walk out.

USS Mariner

We knew this was part of the deal when the Mariners traded for Milton Bradley. He is who he is. And, so now, we have our first Milton Bradley Situation. Per Mike Salk:

According to a source, Bradley yelled at the umpire from the bench before being told by Don Wakamatsu to cool it. Wakamatsu said that he would handle the umpire himself. Bradley responded that someone had to say something and that if Wak wouldn’t, then he would.
According to the source, a few minutes later Bradley walked back over to the skipper and said, “I’m packing my stuff. I’m out of here.” And then he left.

Mariners General Manager Jack Zduriencik said Bradley is still a member of the team. “Milton is part of what we’re doing,” he told me this morning. “Anything that happens between a manager and his players should be handled internally. Sometimes tempers flare over the course of a season. Wakamatsu thought it was time for Milton to come out.”

Support The Stranger

Meanwhile, Carlos Silva began to give up the home runs that Fnarf predicted he would, though his teammates got the win to leave him with a no-decision. But still. . . . and let me note, lest I be accused as usual of pro-Cubs bias, that the Cubs unloaded Sammy Sosa after the final game of 2004, when he left early on the last game of a wasted season. Professional ballplayers do not do this. Ever.

UPDATE: Espn on it.

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