Donald Harris, spokesman for Seattle Parks and Recreation, says that the two families on Federal Avenue East who are currently occupying 2,813.3 square feet of Volunteer Park property as back yard space are "devastated" but "working to comply" with parks request that they vacate the land.

Harris stresses that vacating is a delicate issue for the Althouse family, whose property line ends 0.2 feet from their living room wall, and not twenty feet away, as they previously thought. I spoke with Dr. Ralph Althouse today, but he declined to comment on record without first conferring with his lawyer. However, Harris says that the family is actively looking into how they can accomplish this without building a wall or fence that leans against their house. "We're not sure what those options might be," he says, "but we have a meeting next week to discuss."

The Wilks have agreed to move their back yard wall back within their own property lines, Harris adds. Currently, the Wilks back yard encompasses 872 square feet of Volunteer Park. "There's one wall that juts a few inches over the line, but I think we'll allow that to remain," says Harris. "We can live with a couple of inches."