The Corner just posted this conservative video put together by the Competitive Enterprise Institute, which is supposed to show the bleak, terrifying world that we live in every day, thanks to those pesky government regulations:

Damn you, speed limits and minimum-wage laws! Curse you, FDA! Why can't we live in a paradise of corporate self-regulation?

UPDATE: There are already a bunch of great comments here, but the Gold Star Commenter is Eric from Boulder, who writes:

Just change the tone of the background music, and the snarky questions at the bottom, and this exact same video would be a pretty good advertisement for your federal tax dollars at work for you. Starting with, when you turn on your radio, and hear only one station at each frequency, instead of an unintelligible jumble of stations trying to drown each other out, yep, that's the FCC, just as the arrowed caption says. And so on through the video.