Yesterday Google released the latest beta of its Chrome browser. It's wicked fast.

Much cooler, though, are these awesome speed tests they put together. They show that Chrome is nearly as fast or faster than lightning, pink paint accelerated via sound waves, and potatoes.*

Here's the also-interesting making of video.

To quote @gruber:

"You can argue about whether Chrome is the best browser, but I don't see how you can argue that it isn't the one improving the fastest."

Chrome is also powering up the browser charts with incredible speed, already past all versions if IE except the latest. Yay. May IE6 die a thousand deaths.

This is all good news for all of us (especially me). Using a good, modern, standards-compliant browser should be seen as a civic good on the order of recycling. It's good for everybody, and it's easy. There should be a law.

** under extremely controlled circumstances, of course.