Did you know that when she's not busy being America's favorite cougar columnist, Stranger writer Gloria Trout curates the occasional film festival?


Here's what Gloria wrote about the fest:

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"Celebrating cinematic cougars on Mother's Day overemphasizes the maternal aspect of cougarism and muddies the cougar/MILF divide, but only fools would deny themselves the pleasures of seeing cinema's greatest Cougar Tales dance across the big screen. Granted, cougar Anne Bancroft was but six years older than her youthful prey Dustin Hoffman in The Graduate, but this fact only emphasizes the spiritual nature of Cougarism, which is placed front and center in Harold & Maude, as the miraculous Ruth Gordon teaches a grateful Bud Cort that even a quadrilliagenarian babe whose bones are half dust can give you a roll in the hay you'll remember forever. Cougar diem!"

For full screening info, go here.

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