Ephemeroptera left this comment on my article about Hanford:

i just have to stop reading articles written by charles mudede—beautiful prose, but no real content.

Matthew Stadler made this comment on my Slog post about the seen and unseen:

Would you please, someday, give up the rhetorical flourish of "What is it that separates the mind of the 19th century from all others before it?"

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Blip's comment on my Line Out post about the overrated Timbaland:

charles, i realize your m.o. is to just string a bunch of words together that sound pretty but ultimately lack any substance or meaning.

My response to this line of criticism is the future of farming Seascape strawberries in space:

Cary Mitchell, professor of horticulture, and Gioia Massa, a horticulture research scientist, tested several cultivars of strawberries and found one variety, named Seascape, which seems to meet the requirements for becoming a space crop.

  • NASA
...Seascape strawberries are day-neutral, meaning they aren't sensitive to the length of available daylight to flower. Seascape was tested with as much as 20 hours of daylight and as little as 10 hours. While there were fewer strawberries with less light, each berry was larger and the volume of the yields was statistically the same.
Not tasteless tomatoes or plain potatoes but sweet and succulent Seascape strawberries meet NASA's strict standards for space crops.