On April 24 at approximately 12:30 p.m., a man driving through Georgetown successfully fought off four suspects who robbed and beat him, and then attempted to steal his car, according to a filed police report.

The man was driving home on Airport Way South when he pulled into a parking lot to answer his cell phone. The phone was in his back pocket, so he opened his driver's side door to retrieve it. Doing so unlocked all the car doors. The report states that at this time, four suspects "perceived by the victim to be Hispanic" opened the doors and stormed his vehicle—three in the back and one in the passenger's seat. Alarmed, the victim jumped out of the car. The suspects followed him. According to the report, two suspects allegedly punched him in the face and shoulders while another allegedly grabbed the victim's walking cane and began beating him with it. The report states that the victim "felt as if he was blacking out, but continued to fight." Meanwhile, one suspect allegedly stole the gold necklace around the victim's neck and a gold-and-diamond ring from his finger.

The report indicates that the victim saw one of the suspects slide into the driver's seat and attempt to steal his car. The victim was able to pull the suspect out, jumped in, and shut the door. As the victim drove away, another suspect allegedly used the victim's cane to smash the car's rear window and side mirrors, according to the report.

After driving himself home, the victim awoke surrounded by police officers and medics. A friend later stated that the victim called him at approximately 3:00 a.m. and said "he had been injured badly and wanted to be taken to the hospital," and so he called the police.

The victim was hospitalized for two days after receiving 10 staples in his head and being treated for a concussion and other injuries.