Mark your calendars—Slog Happy is one week away! It'll be next Thursday, May 13th, at Solo on lower Queen Anne. All month long Solo is celebrating their fifth anniversary, and since they took such good care of us last time (remember the pot pies??), we're going back. And this time they're doing something extra special for us—they're making an exclusive Slog Happy ice cream flavor! Yum!

Everyone that comes to Slog Happy will get to try a scoop of it for free, but first we have to decide what the Slog Happy ice cream should taste like. Here is the list of ingredients we have to choose from (they like working with what's in season and all):

Thai Basil
Peanut Butter
Sour Cream

We can concoct a Slog Happy flavor using a combination of any of those ingredients. So leave some tasty flavor ideas in the comments, and then tomorrow we'll put up a poll of some of the best sounding options for everyone to vote on.

Maybe something like vanilla, Thai basil, and ginger? Or strawberry, rhubarb, and sour cream? Oh! Or peanut butter, honey, and Nutella!

What does Slog taste like to you?