Yesterday, Vertigo Comics published the first issue of a comic called iZombie, written by Chris Roberson and drawn by Michael Allred. It's very much the first issue of a comic book—we meet Gwen, a gravedigger, and her collection of friends, including a moddish 1960s ghost named Ellie, and we're handed a whole passel of exposition as Gwen introduces us to the darker, more supernatural side of Eugene Oregon.

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Part of the saving grace of iZombie is Mike Allred's artwork. Allred draws in a clean, cartoonish style that evokes early 1960s comics, and it's a relief to see his work here; this isn't a traditional-looking horror comic, with way too much shadow and grimacing. It's snappy-looking, and that sense of fun makes the horrific moments—some brain-eating, naturally—stand out sharply.

Despite the atrocious series name (press materials vary between I, Zombie, IZombie, or iZombie. Since the cover says the latter, that's the one I use), iZombie #1 is a fun, sassy, disturbing comic that could turn into an addictive monthly fix. You should check it out; the first issue is only $1.

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