Wedgwood View (and SeattleCrime) report that Israel Hernandez, 21, of North Seattle, was charged yesterday with burglarizing at least 16 homes in the View Ridge, Wedgwood and Windermere neighborhoods. Hernandez allegedly confessed that he had a "list of buyers who would call him to purchase computers and TVs in quantity” and admitted that "three other crews" are currently burglarizing homes in North Seattle. In other robbery news, remember the Junction KeyBank heist and the suspiciously normal-looking robber reported by Beautiful Day one month ago? West Seattle blog reports that the lady-robber struck again on April 28 at the Sterling Savings Bank in Burien and she may not be such an average woman after all. Apparently investigators on the case are "definitely thinking it might be a man disguising himself as a woman." Maple Leaf Life reports that yesterday evening, a 24-year-old man was shot at the corner of North 115 Street and Meridian Avenue North. The man told officers that he had been shot in the arm by a man who "claimed that he owed him money and then ran off;" officers subsequently recovered a small baggy of drugs from the victim.

On May 3, Rainier Valley Post reports on an attempted kidnapping on the 3900 Block of South Angeline Street. The suspect reportedly forced entry into his ex-girlfriend's house, found her hiding in a bedroom, pulled her out of the house by her hair, and forced her into his truck. Officers who pulled the truck over were forced to use a K9 unit to free the kidnapping victim. Speaking of creeps who drive trucks, sightings of the serial masturbator/flasher continue in the North Beacon Hill area — at least eight incidences have been reported so far, according to Beacon Hill blog. The suspect's vehicle is described as a newer-looking navy blue truck with tinted windows, and an obscured license plate. And in other news of indecent exposure, the scantily clad Barista Boyz of Broadway will no longer be serving up coffee and eye-candy; the coffee stand on 1122 East Madison has shut its doors for good after only a few months of business due to "unforeseen circumstances." Lastly, MyBallard reports that Wednesday’s late-night fire under the Ballard Bridge was caused by a transient cooking lesson. Four small boats, a truck and wooden pallets were destroyed before the fire was extinguished; the bridge is being examined for structual damage and repairs are estimated at $100,000.