Borders has announced that they're accepting pre-orders for the Kobo e-reader, with a June 17th delivery date. They've also announced that they'll have an e-bookstore up around that date, too, with "a million titles." It looks like Borders is going to be smart about e-books, now that they're finally in the game, by opening their e-bookstore up to a bunch of different e-readers (including the Alex).

If you're dead-set on an e-ink experience, the Kobo Reader looks pretty good to me. It doesn't have the dictionary or wi-fi capabilities of some of the other readers, but it is a dead-simple interface, and it reads any .epub or .pdf file—they're promoting it as a black-and-white comics reader, too, as long as you change your comics from .cbr or .cbz to .pdf. The Kobo Reader is not specifically tied to the Borders store, and I'm willing to bet it'll interact really well with Calibre. And at $149, it seems to have the price edge on other readers, too.

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