As mentioned in last week's feature, local cupcake artist Jessie Oleson (the genius behind started off the year by buying the BlueBottle Gallery, and she's spent the last few months turning it into her new CakeSpy retail shop.

In fact, when I checked in with her a couple weeks ago, she was putting the finishing touches on the shop's mural of "cake and pie having a death match complete with brass knuckles and various weapons of shankery."

The store has been open during the cakeover (get it? HA!), but tomorrow is its official grand opening as the CakeSpy Shop and BlueBottle Art Gallery. There will be a cake-filled celebration from 5-8 pm (with Trophy Cupcakes!) and new CakeSpy artwork called "Sweet Scenes From Captiol Hill."

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And for those of you who don't like cake (monsters!), the store also carries Ira Glass finger puppets.

(In sadder Capitol Hill business news, Barista Boyz has closed down.)