The best part of this whole Tea Party phenomenon is watching conservatives eat themselves the minute someone makes a decision that is not entirely insane. In a little over a month, for instance, Scott Brown went from a pickup-driving Tea Party Messiah to a "TRAITOR" because he voted for a jobs bill.

The latest politician to be massacred on Facebook and in the blogosphere because she didn't go for the craziest candidate in the face? Sarah Palin, who endorsed conservative Carly Fiorina in the California Senate race instead of Teabag Saint Chuck DeVore. Wonkette took note of comments on Palin's Facebook page, and there are some real beauties:

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Sarah Palin you have lost your mind along the way or maybe you didn’t! None the less you showed your colors and now you’ve lost your support with the tea party! Your a rino!

This will be fun to watch.