I want to know how all of these asexual people are managing to get into LTR's and even marriages, but I can't get a date.


My answer after the jump...

I don't know how that happens, Bitter, but I do know—thanks to the mail—that sexuals who find themselves married to asexuals are none too happy about it. (Well, at the least the ones who write me.) So take comfort, B: most married asexuals aren't going to be married for long, and you'll have a crack at their ex-boyfriends/girlfriends/wives/husbands when they're on the sex-starved rebound.

And try not to let yourself get too bitter in the meantime. Bitterness, like desperation, is a date repellant. Even if you have cause to be bitter and/or desperate, B, you can't allow yourself to succumb to bitterness and/or desperation.

Smoke pot, bide your time, take your pleasures when and where you can—even it means taking 'em with the frustrated, bitter, and desperate spouse of an asexual.