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As of yesterday at 5 p.m., the Unicorn had served 4,781 corn dogs since it opened its insane doors at the end of January. That is a hell of a lot of corn dogs. Do all those stripes act as a battered-item appetite stimulant? Are the taxidermied animals secretly eating them?

FYI: Corn dog number 5,000 is free, and it comes with two free shots. It is thought that the magic number will happen this weekend.

And meanwhile: Plans for the Narwhal, the big downstairs space at the Unicorn, are coming along—rumor has it that it's going to be an arcade with tons of pinball.

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UPDATE: Commenter girlstyle says, "Unicorn's brunch is super super tasty." I haven't been yet, but I have heard that this is true.

*"Corn dog" is officially spelled like that: open, that is with a space in it. OBVIOUSLY it should be spelled solid, like this: corndog. WTF, Mr. Merriam and Mr. Webster?

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