That's how Mark Peters describes himself on The Rosa Parks of Blogs, which lays out its mission statement thusly:

Everybody is the Rosa Parks of something—or at least the Michael Phelps, Cap'n Crunch, Dick Cheney, Elmer Fudd, or Paris Hilton of whatever. This blog collects examples of the adaptable idiom "X is the Y of Z", which is a snowclone. Feel free to use these descriptions when discussing your beautiful children, longtime companions, sworn enemies, favorite foods, and elected congressvermin.

What follows is a collection of snowclones drawn from all over (citations included!) that will crack your shit up hard. A sampler:

The Aimee Mann of drywall installers

The Richard Pryor of handing out small cups of Snapple

The Zooey Deschanel of bite-sized desserts

The Darth Vader of progressive penal reform

The Batman of mucus

The Rosa Parks of reusable to-go containers

The Goldilocks of taking a dump

Find the full glorious archive here.

(And thank you, MetaFilter.)