The artwork that's a black box that sells itself continuously on eBay was featured in this weekend's New York Times Magazine.

Which has meant action in its auction. The race is on again.

Terence Spies of Palo Alto bought the work for $6,350 when it premiered at Lawrimore Project—and first hit the news.

Now there's a $6,858 bid on it, meaning Spies probably will have to hand it over to the next buyer soon. (The buyer just has to be legit. A couple months ago a bidder won the auction but couldn't actually pay for the art.)

I did a Q&A with Spies shortly after he bought it, about what it feels like to collect a work of art that just wants to get away from you:

Do you have any advice for people who are considering buying it? You can influence the market here.

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That’s a good one. Um, I don’t know. It’s definitely an interesting condition to own it, and own is in quotes. There’s a different feeling between speculating about owning it and actually owning it.

Who's next?

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