President Obama's pick for the Supreme Court vacancy, Elena Kagan, is clearly unqualified for the position on the bench because she once quoted something said by former Justice Thurgood Marshall—the first African American on the Supreme Court—while he was on the bench. Reports The Hill:

In its first memo to reporters since Kagan’s nomination to the high court became public, the Republican National Committee highlighted Kagan’s tribute to Marshall in a 1993 law review article published shortly after his death.

Kagan quoted from a speech Marshall gave in 1987 in which he said the Constitution as originally conceived and drafted was “defective.” She quoted him as saying the Supreme Court’s mission was to “show a special solicitude for the despised and the disadvantaged.”

“Does Kagan Still View Constitution ‘As Originally Drafted And Conceived’ As ‘Defective’?” the RNC asked in its research document. “And Does Kagan Still Believe That The Supreme Court's Primary Mission Is To ‘Show A Special Solicitude For The Despised And Disadvantaged’?”

Man, I love the GOP. If this is where their opening salvo begins, I can't wait to see what desperation looks like.