Slog tipper Christine writes:

Matter of Trust is accepting donations of hair clippings from salons, sheared hair from pet groomers, etc. to make hair mats and hair booms that actually do suck up oil from oil spills. Awesome, right? But they only accept bulk donations, like a big box from a salon or groomer, and they don't provide a way for individuals to find a salon or groomer who is sending donations to them.

Maybe there's a way to raise awareness within Seattle salons and groomers to send in, and a way for those donating places to let people in Seattle know that they are a donating site? Maybe, it is Slog?

"Awesome" is not the first word that springs to mind when contemplating big boxes of dismembered human and pet hair, not to mention "hair mats and hair booms." (For the booms, the hair is stuffed into recycled nylons, making depraved-looking tubes—see the video below.) But Dear Science says this is real, and furthermore:

More helpful than most of the limited choices here. Think of the average teenager's head; hair can wick up quite a bit of oil.

I don't really want to think of the average teenager's head. But! Anyone know any salons that are collecting hair to send down to mop up the oil spill?

UPDATE: Commenter stinkbug points out that this hairy issue is being addressed over in Questionland.. Thanks, stinkbug!