GOOD Magazine has a great article up about the word "Truther." While it originated as a self-description for people who believe strange things about 9/11, it's gradually broadening to define anyone who has a weird belief and won't let a little thing like reality get in the way:

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Other times, a specific species of truther is identified on the model of “9/11 truther.” On Slate, Jack Shafer recently referred to “Lost truthers” who seem a little too convinced of their theory of the island’s mysteries, while zealot-like supporters of a former Seton Hall basketball coach have been labeled the “Bobby Gonzalez truthers.”’s Bill Simmons likes to poke fun at “Raptor truthers” who feel the Toronto NBA team is constantly shafted and overlooked. Days ago, Ann Althouse wondered if Rush Limbaugh is an “oil-spill truther.” Then there are the “Trig truthers.”

I applaud the new, more generic use of the word "Truther," and I hope that, in the future, we will be able to use "Truther" and "Birther" to define specific strains of conspiracy-minded crazies.

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