Yesterday, Lindy told you about the bucket of sentient goldfish poop that someone left in our office. I guess for some reason we are now responsible for it. Anyway, there's this one piece of poop that looks like a sperm that's floating around and for some reason everyone wants to name it!

So here we go. We are officially naming the poop. Are you ready? The poop was named very early in the comment thread yesterday, by commenter monkey. The poop's name is now Rick. Here is a photo of Rick:

This is Rick.
  • This is Rick.

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I have been informed that more goldfish poop will be showing up in the bucket very soon. (Maybe we have an invisible goldfish, you guys!) The next poop will be named by committee. We are having a battle of the names. Here they are, in the order in which they appeared in the comment thread: Commenter Mittens Schrodinger suggested The Savior Brenda. Commenter Varia likes Victoria Prawnciple. Bethany Jean Clement likes Philip. And I am bouncing off an idea suggested by weaselbill: I suggest Ghostface Krilla.