Today, the Vancouver Voice—"the sole alternative newspaper serving Clark County and Southwest Washington"—has a longish story on a generational power shift within Volksfront, a Portland-based white power group with chapters in southern Washington:

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“The older guys are only interested in sitting around and drinking beer [while] the new recruits [in Volksfront] are starting to step up and lead by example,” he stated. The eagerness of new recruits to carry out race-based acts of violence is breaking down the typically rigid authority of Volksfront, according to the source. “I don’t think [Volksfront] leaders have any real control of what people are doing anymore."

One of those young bucks is Jeffery, a charmer from Vancouver, WA who has attracted a faction of younger, more restless white supremacists:

According to Jeffery, the current contentious national political landscape and inability for pro-white groups to create a stable national political base is fueling a “mounting desire to see a rebirth of the traditional methods of protecting the white race.”

“The very presence of a Jew, nigger or wetback in my neighborhood presents a threat to the purity of our daughters and the safety of my house,” he stated angrily.

The first chunk of the article is devoted to typical white power blah blah blah, but the interesting part comes towards the bottom with Rose City Antifa, a secretive, militant group that likes to "disrupt" white-power organizations like Volksfront and expose their members (who lack the courage of their convictions—for all their macho rhetoric, they always seem too shy to go on the record).

And the fight is getting bloody. On March 27, one high-profile anti-white supremacy activist was shot, according to a source within Volksfront, in a revenge attack. (The target, Luke Querner, survived.) Then, a few days later, a bombing:

According to the Vancouver Sun (a newspaper in Canada’s Vancouver), the house of an anti-racist activist was bombed on April 5, just days after an anti-racism rally was held protesting a scheduled white-supremacist rally. No one was seriously hurt and authorities are investigating.

The Voice story calls RCA "quasi-militant and aggressive" but doesn't specify any of its actions against white power groups or leaders. Too bad—while the Voice did a fine job profiling the Volksfront people, who seem like garden-variety white-power types.

But I'd really rather read a long profile of Rose City Antifa.


The author of the Voice story, sent an email saying:

The article was sent to you as a professional courtesy as I have heard rumors that Volksfront is seeking to expand in the Seattle area. I was not sure if Volksfront has shown up on the stranger's radar yet, but felt you guys might want to at least been giving a heads up that the group is starting to expand into Washington again. Last time Volksfront made a major push into Washington resulted in the 2003 murder of a Tacoma man.

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I was not able to confirm any active plans for Volskfront to expand into Seattle but one of the Portland members seems to have relocated to Seattle. Volskfront is a group a bit resistant to prodding.

Volksfront: Coming soon to a neighborhood near you.