June in gray and green for spring.
  • June in gray and green for spring.

June and Luc—they sound like an unbearably chic couple you'd meet at a dinner party. They'd proposition you, maybe, in some very continental way. Anyhow...

June opens tonight in the awesome Roy McMakin-designed former Cremant space in Madrona. Chef Vuong Loc and his wife Tricia—of Queen Anne French restaurant Portage (which is good but notably expensive)—are running the place, with what's promised to be a Vietnamese-influenced French menu (see a prototype after the jump). June is lower-priced than Portage, and the space is certainly more exciting (Portage's decor is stereotypically Frenchy-French bistro, complete with a black-and-white photo of the Eiffel Tower). The wallpaper from the Cremant days has come down, and there's a new gray and green color scheme.

The Locs also ran the Pig 'n' Whistle in Greenwood for a while beginning in 2008. Reviews were mixed, and they sold it this past October.

Luc is the new place from Thierry Rautureau, a.k.a. the Chef in the Hat (what is under there, anyway?) of superspendy French restaurant Rover's. The CitH is going populist with this French brasserie/Mediterranean cafe combo—Luc reportedly serves everything from cheeseburgers to boeuf Bourguignon, emphasizing both the bar and kid-friendliness. It's open as of last Friday in the Madison Valley.

Luc is the latest in a series of new ventures from the wallet-emptying-est places in Seattle. First Mistral shut down, moved, and reopened as the reformatted Mistral Kitchen, with upscale a la carte options in addition to stratospheric prix fixe. Then Lampreia shut down, remodeled, and reopened as small-plates bar Bisato. Now Rover's has this upstart, midrange little brother Luc. Maybe now El Gaucho will open a gourmet hamburger joint, or Canlis will do a new-American wine bar/cafe.


Bites Easter Radishes, Butter, Fleur de Sel 4.50

Local , 25 year old Balsamic 4.50

Rabbit Rillete 4.50

Pickled Crudite 4.50

Baguette, House Crème Fraiche Butter 3.

Cold *Oysters, Ver Jus, Spring Onion 2.75 ea.

Miners Lettuce, Macerated Raisins, Kurtwood Camabert 9.

Golden and Chioggia Beet Gratin, Nicoise Olives 9.

*Yellow Tail Sashimi, Radish Salad, Miso Mustard

*Pepper Air Dried Duck Breast, Fennel, Lemon 9.

Asparagus Vichyssoise 6.

Grill Yams, Aioli 7.

*Treviso, House “anchovies”, Parmesan, egg 9.

Octopus, Pickled Okra, Crisp Ginger 13.

*Steak Bavette, Controne Beans, Tongue, Black Trumpet Mushrooms 21.

*Honey Cured Pork Loin Chop, Ham Hock and Peas 19.

*Painted Hills Burger, Pretzel Bun, Sweet n Sour Mustard, Gaufrette 15.

Moroccan Vegetable Tagine, Chick Peas, Yogurt 16.

Sauté Shallot Rösti Potato 6.

Asparagus, Brown Butter, Hazelnuts 7.

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Baked Spinach Gnocchi, Walnut Crumb 17.

*Seared Diver Scallops, Potato Risotto 21.

*Halibut, Artichoke, Carrot Jus 24.

Stuffed Rabbit Leg, Loin, Creamed Nettle, Natural Jus 19.

Pan Roasted Free Range Chicken, Morel, Fiddle head Fern 18.