OK, everyone. There are only two days left. American Express and the National Trust for Historic Preservation "have selected twenty-five places of historic, cultural and aesthetic significance in the Seattle-Puget Sound area" to get a shitload of money for historic preservation purposes. How is American Express going to decide who to give the money to? They're going to base it on your vote. In the last few weeks, Town Hall Seattle has gotten enough votes that it's currently tied for first place. They plan to use the money "to restore and seal the building’s iconic white terra-cotta exterior as well as to repair the prominent stained-glass window on the building’s south side."

As of this writing, Town Hall Seattle is neck-and-neck with (I'm not joking) a boat in Tacoma. Now, look, I think boats are great and all. And I think it's great that "the Adventuress is a symbol for responsible stewardship of the fragile Puget Sound watershed as well as a place for area youth to learn about the environment and gain new confidence through working the ship's sails." But have you ever seen Christopher Hitchens (pictured above in front of the stained-glass window) or Kurt Vonnegut or Al Gore give a talk on the Adventuress? No way. Have you ever seen Nancy Pearl interview Jhumpa Lahiri on the Adventuress? You have not. Have you ever seen Yo La Tengo or the Magnetic Fields* perform on the Adventuress? C'mon now.

So, how can you help? You go here and click "Cast Your Vote." Then you have to register—I know, I know, it seems evil to have to register, but I just did it and it's not evil at all. In fact, all they want to know is your name and your email address, and you can click a button that says you don't want them to email you junk. And then you get to vote. For a cool, good, worthy place in Seattle. Rather than a boat in Tacoma. It's a shitload of money, guys. And after you vote today, vote tomorrow too. (You get to vote once per day.) Pass it on.

* Stephin Merritt says Town Hall is his favorite place in Seattle to play.

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