And I'm wayyy curious. (Exhibition site.)

This is Seattle Art Museum's big summer show, and it's more than 80 works of art—sound, video, painting, drawing, installation, photography—by artists both local and living around the world, responding to the life and music and death of Kurt Cobain.

It is The Event of the Year, art-wise, and you need to go see it. It opens Thursday, and the museum will be open until 9 pm that night. More festivities Friday night and this weekend; take a look at the exhibition site.

Jennifer Wests Nirvana Alchemy Film, 2007
  • Jennifer West's Nirvana Alchemy Film, 2007

More as the day progresses!

Also: Gayle Clemans wrote a preview worth taking a look at in the Seattle Times. I know Gail and I like her, but this has to be called out: She refers to Gretchen Bennett merely as an artist "who recently relocated from New York to Seattle."

Gretchen Bennett is a Northwest native who lived in New York for a bit (her trajectory is not unlike Whiting Tennis's) but moved back here more than five years ago—and has been a huge part of this city's art scene for all of those five years.

A onetime member of Group Material, she's shown work at Western Bridge, Seattle Art Museum, the Henry Art Gallery, Howard House, Crawl Space, Seattle Erotic Art Festival, Helm Gallery, on the streets of the International District; she's been a subject in the portrait paintings of Joe Park; she's written intelligently and been written about intelligently in the artist zine La Norda Specialo; shortlisted for the Stranger Genius Award—truly, the woman has been everywhere, all the time.

She is as central to Seattle art as Jeffry Mitchell.

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It's ridiculous to refer to her as an artist who's "recently relocated" from New York. (I don't mean to be a dick, but this had to be called out.)

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