A group of men on 4th Avenue and Pike Street attacked two cousins shortly after midnight on May 2, according to a Seattle police report, and took a wallet from one of the victims. Officers apprehended one member of the group after the incident with two bags of crack allegedly hidden in his clothing, and one bag allegedly stashed in his butt [crack].

One of the victims spoke with police and gave this report: He and his cousin were walking down the street, when they were approached by a group of men who asked them where they were from. When the cousins ignored the question, the group—reportedly unprovoked—“jumped” them. The man told police that “he went to the ground as he was being punched in the head and body.” The attackers allegedly took off his shoes, pulled his wallet from his pants, and fled the scene. At some point the other cousin fled the scene.

The manager of a nearby bar corroborated this story; he reported to police seeing five men punching and kicking another man that was on the ground, and then running off.

Officers stopped several subjects at different locations surrounding the area, two of whom were identified as being part of the group. In the course of the search, police found “a small white plastic bag which appeared to contain crack cocaine-like ‘ROCKS’” in the pocket of the silver basketball shorts he was wearing underneath his jeans, the police report says. The suspect reportedly said, “It’s over,” when this discovery was made. Police officers asked if he had any other narcotics on his person and he admitted he did, in the cuff of his sweatshirt. But after he was transported to the police station, officers also reportedly discovered a small plastic baggie, “containing suspected crack cocaine, located in his buttock.”