Anything that speeds the day when Republicans give up the gay bashing is welcome... but this particular gay sure is tired of all those winks-and-nods from the more-tolerant spouses and children of GOP presidents, senators, elected officials, etc. And I don't think an ex-first lady or an ex-first daughter going off the reservation on social issues is sign that the GOP will moderate its position in six years or so. Barbara Bush gave us the wink-and-nod about her pro-choice positions more than 20 years ago and the GOP hasn't budged an inch when it comes to choice. In fact, it's gotten more conservative/reactionary, not less. Why should we expect anything different where gay rights are concerned?

And I'm not convinced that the winks-and-nods are sincere. Maybe Laura Bush may want to see her gay friends get legally married, the same gay friends Laura Bush was thinking of when she told the president that she hoped he wouldn't make gay marriage an issues in 2004. (And when her husband did make an issues of it, Laura didn't speak up in defense of her gay friends when it mattered and could've made a difference. Laura Bush's statements in support of gay rights now, six years after the fact, aren't worth the smoke-stanky breath they're uttered with.) Winks-and-nods from Bush wives and daughters could just as easily be a strategy calculated to convince GOPers who are moderate on social issues that they don't have to leave the party over social issues because—hey!—Laura Bush is pro-gay-marriage, so... there's hope for the party.

But there isn't, not really, not if the GOP's ever-more-rightward drift on abortion is any indication.