Three Police Chief Finalists Announced: Interim Chief Diaz is joined by Police Chiefs Rick Braziel of Sacramento, and Ronald Davis of East Palo Alto. More on the finalists here.

Can I have My Gun Back? A local judge will soon decide whether Eric Werner, a Seattle police officer fired after caught lying about striking a suspect, will get his job back. Werner only admitted to striking the suspect during a polygraph test while applying for a job with the Snohomish County Sheriff's Office.

Britain Has a New Leader: Prime Minister David Cameron takes office as head of Britain's first conservative-run government in 13 years.

We Could Watch Ellen Together: Bus-sized colossal squid with razor sharp tentacle hooks is not aggressive but "mostly sedentary" and mildly friendly, a new study indicates.

Uncovering Seattle's Ghost Town: Archeologists will dig to find remnants of Seattle's 19th-century waterfront establishments—including hotels, saloons, and a barbwire factory—as the Viaduct comes down, according to the Washington Department of Transportation.

Environmentalists are Masters of Deceit: Roughly 10 percent of Americans believe enviro-lovers sabotaged the Deepwater Horizon oil rig in the Gulf Coast as part of a master plan to kill national support for offshore drilling, a recent poll indicates. 22 percent of respondents were undecided on whether environmentalists are really that dickish.

Arizona Eradicates "Ethnic Chauvinism": Governor Jan Brewer signed legislation yesterday that prohibits Tucson schools from offering specialized courses like African-American, Mexican-American and Native-American studies, which discuss the influence of a particular ethnic group or focus on its contributions to history and literature.

Preaching to the Choir: GOP leaders encourage gays to remain closeted to avoid discrimination.

I (Heart) Boobies, Keep-A-Breast: Silverdale, WA students barred from wearing breast cancer awareness bracelets to school.

One Survivor, One Hundred Dead: A plane crashed in Libya's Tripoli airport while landing today, killing more than 100 passengers on board. An eight-year-old Dutch boy was the sole known survivor, officials say.

Feed Me Through a Tube and Flip Me Over When I Start to Sour: Thousands of low-income patients in Washington languish in hospitals months longer than necessary because Medicaid doesn't pay enough to make their care worthwhile to nursing homes and other facilities.