A fresh submission to I , Anonymous:

I am getting married to the love of my life at the end of this month. So like any bride-to-be I wanted to go party with my friends to celebrate. I am from Seattle but moved to Tacoma ten years ago. I knew that for the big celebration I had to be in my home town, Seattle. So all of my friends and I hit the town all dressed up. Of course they made me wear a veil. The first two bars (one straight bar and one lesbian bar) were amazing, I got so many congratulations and happy tidings. Then we went to a gay club (where I have been numorous times) and this is where the entire night went down hill.

My first encounter was right when we got there. A gay guy came up to me and said, "Thanks alot for rubbing it in that you can get married and we can't." My reply was, "Excuse me?" and he repeated himself. I then told him "I am getting married to a woman, you asshole!" He said, "Oh, sorry—you look straight." I let that one go,and went to the dance floor. I then had the veil ripped out of my hair by a tall lesbian. I turned around and glared at her and she said, "Isn't there a straight club you can go to?" I walked away. I went down three floors to compose myself and use the ladies room. On my way back up to the dance floor, my veil was torn out of my hair two more times. I was told, "Fuck off, you don't belong here" (by a queen) and "Go to a straight bar, bitch" by another lesbian. By this point I was in tears. After I composed myself, my sisters told me to take off the viel. I said "Fuck NO! This is staying on and they can all go fuck themselves."

I am still in shock that I was treated so shitty. I couldn't believe that because I didn't "look gay," the Seattle gay community would treat me so fucking bad. Even if I wasn't gay, is this really the way ANYONE should be treated? We can't yet legally be married in this state, but I am pretty fucking sure that trating people that you think are straight like total fucking shit is NOT the way to go. What's insane is that down here in 'T-Town' I would have NEVER had that problem. I can't believe there would EVER be a day where I would say this but FUCK OFF PRETENTIOUS GAY SEATTLE, YOU FUCKING SUCK and that is coming from a LESBIAN!