If so, you're in luck! Music Week continues on Questionland, and there are a lot of really great questions and answers about all aspects of the music community. Our panel includes Eli Anderson from the Crocodile, Michelle Smith from the Comet, Jake London, a local entertainment lawyer, Ben London from the Recording Academy, and more! Over the past few days they've tackled all kinds of topics. For example:

"What is the most creative use of Web 2.0 social networking tools (.e.g., Twitter, FB, etc.) that you have seen a local band use?"

"How can we get record company dinosaurs out of the way and figure out where the tip jar should go?"

"What is the best way to make a one dude electronic set interesting? Intense looking gear set up? Visuals? Spazzing out?"

Head over to Questionland to see their answers and join the conversation!