Oh my God, you guys, La Casa del Mojito on Lake City Way is a really good Caribbean/Latin American restaurant: giant portions of flavorful beans and rice and meat, delicious plantains and yucca, and the beverages are pretty awesome:

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I have been told that Casa del Mojito makes the best mojitos in Seattle. I cannot prove or endorse that claim, but I can confirm that they're pretty damn great. And the batidos—fruit smoothies made, right now, from guavas or (my favorite) passion fruit—are delicious.

Our reader reviewers are so-so on the restaurant (I'm not sure what restaurant Niuvis ate at; the place was clean and the waiter was perhaps the friendliest waiter I've ever had in Seattle), but a review hasn't been posted in at least a year. So I will say this from recent experience: Casa del Mojito has a lovely patio; a big menu full of fish, vegetable, and salad options; and a laid-back, friendly vibe. (And it's barely a block away from Chiang's Gourmet, making this little section of Lake City Way one of the tastiest places in Seattle.) You should check it out.