Josh Marshall on Mark Sanford reuniting with his mistress:

What's the story? Gov. Mark Sanford spent the weekend with his one-time and perhaps future lover Maria Belen Chapur. This time it was in Florida, not Argentina, and Sanford made sure his staff and state authorities knew where he was. I must say I've always found this the most endearing and humanizing part of the Sanford story. There was a lot of irresponsibility, juvenile conduct and "man waking up at 50 and realizing he wasn't living his own life" to Sanford's high-profile self-immolation.... But most pols who get caught with a mistress quickly retreat to saying the whole thing was shameful and a terrible lapse of judgment or perhaps that they need therapy for sex addiction (who doesn't?) or whatever else. Sanford could never really bring himself to say that, though, because I just don't think he thought it was true. Sometimes comically but almost always to his political detriment, he simply couldn't resist saying that he loved Chapur very deeply, even memorably and repeatedly (and perhaps bizarrely) calling her his 'soulmate' while, rather incongruously, trying to salvage his own marriage.