As mentioned in the Morning News, not only are the Deepwater Horizon leaks likely hemorrhaging far more oil than previously estimated (big surprise), independent experts have suggested to National Geographic that if current containment measures fail, the oil could keep flowing for years:

"We don't have any idea how to stop this," [said Matthew Simmons, retired chair of the energy-industry investment banking firm Simmons & Company International]. "Some of the proposed strategies—such as temporarily plugging the leaking pipe with a jet of golf balls and other material—are a "joke," he added.

"We really are in unprecedented waters."

If the oil can't be stopped, the underground reservoir may continue bleeding until it's dry, Simmons suggested. [...]

And the oil is still flowing robustly, which suggests that the reserve "would take years to deplete," said David Rensink, incoming president of the American Association of Petroleum Geologists.

Meanwhile, Hurricane season starts June 1. What a colossal fuck-up.