In addition to shirts that say "WTF, Homey" with a freeze-frame of the now-infamous footage of Seattle Detective Shandy Cobane apparently stomping on an innocent man's head, a website devoted to apparel related to the incident also takes a dig at Q13. The local Fox affiliate sat on the footage for weeks without airing it, as we first reported, and yesterday the station announced that the news director responsible had resigned. And here's the lovely garment:

  • Beyond Belief T-Shirts

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Some of the proceeds from t-shirts, the website reports, "will be used
to establish a scholarship fund on behalf of the University of Washington Department of Communication, to benefit the underprivileged pursuing a career in journalism."

There's also a "Help Catch Fugitive Shandy Cobane" shirt that riffs on Q13's show Washington's Most Wanted. Get yours before someone beats the snot out of you.

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