The week in weird thefts, compiled from Seattle police reports.

On Tuesday, a Lake City man reported a burglary that happened while he was away from his house for four days. The culprit(s) ransacked the entire house, but stole only a 16" gold plated bronze sculpture of an angel playing a flute. There were two identical sculptures next to it, which were left alone, and nothing else was taken.

On May 10, someone broken into the office of a downtown apartment building. According to the police report, the office space contains a “sizeable amount of miscellaneous property left behind by tenants who have moved out,” in addition to files and paperwork. But the thief selected only a tackle box and a tray of fishing lures.

A Greenwood coffee stand had its drive-up window smashed on Saturday, resulting in $350 worth of damage. Since there was no money left in the stand from the previous day, the suspects only got “a small basket that held a half-dozen individually wrapped pastries” with a street value of $15.