Spy-vs.-private contractor: In violation of U.S. law, non-military private contractors in Pakistan and Afghanistan have apparently moved from gathering background information on tribal dynamics to full-on spying.

Still looking bad for the Red Shirts: Thailand declares state of emergency in 22 provinces, no resolution to unrest in sight.

In search of motive: In-law killing Sheriff's deputy carried guns everywhere and had marital problems, but no obvious signs of depression or murder-rampage tendencies.

Good news for the ladies and the gays: Episcopalian Church ordains a lesbian as its second openly gay bishop, bringing the number of female bishops ordained to 17.

Not looking great for Arlen Specter, either: Four states hold Senate primaries on Tuesday; Tea-Party backed newcomer Rand Paul in Kentucky polling 12 points ahead of his GOP establishment rival.

Fuck you, you fucking fuck: Tim Eyman ready to start collecting signatures for the next wave of dumb-ass reactionary anti-tax measures he has on the ballot this year.

Miss Congeniality: Sarah Palin speaks in favor of new Arizona "show us your papers" law.

This week in the "duh" business report: Starbucks' new business strategy eschews runaway growth in favor of focusing on lower cost, high revenue aspects of the business.

I don't think "Supply and Demand" means what you think it does: Las Vegas developers strategy for dealing with the 9000 new houses currently unsold? Build MORE new houses.

Maybe the next one could have an actual mouth on its face: Hello Kitty products losing steam, Sanrio struggling to invent with new cute brand to slap onto plastic crap for little girls to buy.