Last Wednesday, a suspect broke into a West Seattle grocery store using a rock and filled a trashcan with $5,000 dollars worth of cigarettes before fleeing the scene, according to a filed police report.

On May 12 at 1:46 a.m. police officers were dispatched to a supermarket on California Avenue SW, where they were met by a store manager who showed them surveillance of the incident.

The video footage allegedly shows the suspect throwing a large rock through the store's glass front door, then using a trashcan to knock out the shards of remaining glass to create an opening wide enough to fit through. The suspect then allegedly entered the store with the trashcan "and went straight to the cigarette section," the report states. "He filled the trashcan with cigarettes and carried it out of the store."

The manager confirms that the only items taken were cartons and cartons of cigarettes. The suspect was not a man of discerning tastes; he allegedly indicated no preference for brand or quality. The estimated value of the stolen cigarettes is approximately $5,000, according to the report.

When searching the area for the suspect, officers found a pile of trash "obviously dumped out of a trashcan" located a few blocks north of the store. They theorize the trash was exhumed from the suspect's trashcan. (This makes the trash an accessory once removed.) Within the pile of trash was an empty can of Ole English. "Since Ole English liquor is a drink commonly consumed by transients, and the suspect seen in the video may have been a transient, the empty liquor can was submitted to evidence for fingerprint analysis," the report states.

An empty trashcan was recovered a few blocks further. The report indicates that "this trashcan matched the trashcan seen in the surveillance footage." The trashcan was also submitted for fingerprint analysis.

Officers were unable to recover the $5,000 dollars worth of cigarettes, or locate the suspect recorded on surveillance—a 6-foot black male in his 40s or 50s, weighing approximately 200 lbs. The report states that the suspect was also wearing a "possible mustache and beard."

Be on the look out.