Happy Days Are Here Again: GM posts its first profit in three years.

Thailand Civil War Continues: Security forces are sent to Bangkok as the Thai government promises "harmful" consequences for protestors.

Hard Times: King County is going to be cutting services and raising taxes for the foreseeable future.

Your Daily Depressing Oil Spill Story: It's endangering reefs in the Florida Keys.

Your Daily Ash Cloud Story: Ash cloud travel restrictions are slowly lifting in Europe.

Nuclear Whack-a-Mole: France says that a deal between Iran, Turkey, and Brazil might improve Iran's international standing, but that it does nothing to prevent Iran's nuclear weapons program.

North Vs. South: South Korea freezes funds meant for North Korea, a possible sign that an upcoming report could implicate North Korea in the March sinking of a South Korean battleship.

We'll Let This One Slide: Republicans are unlikely to filibuster Supreme Court nominee Elena Kagen, but they will ask "tough questions."

Don't Sleep: A sleeping 7-year-old girl was accidentally shot and killed by Detroit police during a raid last night.

The Missing Link: A 10-year study cannot conclusively tie cell phone use with brain cancer.

Where Are the Parades? Timothy Geithner will visit Seattle tomorrow. Governor Gregoire will show him around Boeing and the Port of Tacoma.

And now, your Daily Muppet: