Yesterday, I addressed the Seattle Atheists about my letter requesting excommunication from the Catholic Church. (Because of Seattle Public Library's reduced hours, the Seattle Atheists were forced to meet at the Bellevue Library. This feels like a setup for a very bad joke, but it's just how it is.) I spoke about how I've tried to represent my atheism responsibly:

This internet troll, who had told me that on my deathbed I would be begging for mercy from a God, and that in the afterlife, I would be cast into fires to burn for an eternity, he finally asked me what I believed in...

I remember my response, because I remember thinking when I wrote it that it was unsatisfactory, and unthoughtful, and dumb. But I was mad. And I wrote “I believe in science.”

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Science. I am a books editor at an alternative weekly. I nearly flunked Chemistry. I don’t know about science. I have faith that science works. I see it working every day, and in that level, I do believe in science. But for me to hide behind science on a message board is the same as someone demanding death to homosexuals and cowering behind their God as though they’re not responsible for the hate. Science, to me, is practically as magical as Jesus is to a practicing Christian.

At the end of the speech, I gave a brief update on the status of my excommunication. (Short version: After some delays, the wheels are in motion.) You can read the whole speech over here.

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