HOLY SHIT, YOU GUYS!!! I just went in to check on the children, and THIS WAS HAPPENING:

  • Kelly O

This motherfucker was all perched over the hole, peekin' down in there, trying to catch and eat Colleen, Rick, and little baby Philip!!! FOR HIS NEFARIOUS BREAKFAST! When we went in to take his picture, he scuttled through a larger hole in the side of the tank, and now he dwells there. Waiting.*

Hissssssssssssss (click to enlarge):

  • Kelly O

Evidence of the hideous peekin' (click to enlarge):

  • Kelly O

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I have to go lift a car now. My babies are threatened.

*The likelier outcome is that the dumb spider will fall in the water and the shrimp children will indifferently devour his flesh, not seeing him as a monster but simply as another chunk of organic matter sent from above to fuel their short and tiny lives.