At 11:00 a.m., El Centro de la Raza executive director Estela Ortega will be announcing the formation of a Community Coalition for Law Enforcement Accountability at a press conference held at City Hall, 7th floor.

The newly-formed coalition is in response to last month's apparent assault of a young Latino man at the hands (or feet) of SPD officers. In a press release for this morning's conference, Ortega is quoted as saying, "we remain unsatisfied with the actions taken to date, beginning with re-assigning the principle offending officers to desk duty.”

Now's a great time to air grievances with the Seattle Police Department—we're on the hunt for a new police chief, and while Diaz is a finalist, he's not the strongest candidate. But what's interesting to note is that despite their dissatisfaction with how this alleged police brutality incident was handled, El Centro is standing behind Chief Diaz.

"He’s had a long history with the Latino community, and communities of color," says El Centro de la Raza spokesman Enrique Gonzalez. "We don’t feel that these issues are isolated to just one person, it’s a systemic problem."

Many would agree with Gonzalez—this is systemic problem, and Chief Diaz is that system's leader. So why not look for leadership elsewhere?

"He knows the department," argues Gonzolez. "He knows the city and the community. We believe that that's the kind of leadership we need right now."